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AgileAus19 - Jez Humble Workshops

1 Jul 2019

Grand Mercure Auckland, 8 Customs Street East, Auckland 1010, New Zealand Map

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We’re so glad you’ll be joining the community of curious minds attending Jez Humble’s workshops on Monday 1 July 2019 at the Grand Mercure Auckland.

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Groups of five or more delegates from the same company will receive a 10% discount for these workshops. To obtain the 10% off, apply the code: AA19-GRP-10OFF. Alternatively, drop us a note at or call us on +61 3 9663 3093 - we’ll organise your group booking for you. Please note: only one discount at a time can be applied. Group discounts cannot be used along with any other promotional codes or offers.

Need help with your booking or just don’t want to go through an online form? Call our friendly staff on +61 3 9663 3093 or shoot us an email on and we’ll be happy to organise your booking for you.

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1 Jul 2019, 9:00am-5:00pm


Full-day workshop

Jez Humble will discuss important concepts in measurement as well as known predictors of success that any team can use, and the management practices that enable them to be applied successfully.

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